Vermilion’s success comes from our process. We act swiftly, employing transparent methods and a simple process flow.


Vermilion Consulting founder, Kim Atteberry, was previously the Chief Economist of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She attained that position through her proven track record, organizational skills, and change management abilities. Her keen economics experience and insider’s insight has successfully shepherded many of our client’s projects to their ultimate goal.

As the Chief of the Investment & Economic Analysis Division at USCIS, Kim refined the Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5), educated practitioners, and forged best practices. Her expertise in EB-5 is unsurpassed.

She has been a recognized expert in economic development since 1995, particularly in the field of labor economics. Her credentials earned her a position on the US Air Force Academy faculty, where she taught Economics and Marketing.

To support her vision for a premier economic consulting firm, she has hand-picked a team of professionals with a shared commitment to accuracy, reliability, integrity, and respect.



The Team


Our resourceful team allows us to be agile and accurate. Vermilion's turnaround time is the fastest in the EB-5 industry, allowing you to stay ahead of your deadlines. At Vermilion we know speed is important, but we never get too far ahead. Your complete understanding of our final product is one of our objectives.



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Kim understands that economic development is about people. Through her great work with Vermilion she’s not only helped her EB-5 investor clients but more importantly , her team has helped communities help themselves.
— State Development Executive (Name withheld)
The experience and expertise she brings to the EB-5 investment process is unparalleled. She transparently streamlines the process for all sides from the investors, to the state and local governments, even reducing the adjudicator’s workload by providing the appropriate information in exactly the form they need.
— EB-5 Investor (Name withheld)